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TUNE RELEASE: Fiona's Obsession

Here at Brisbane Bagpiper, we believe in doing whatever we can to promote musical development. As part of this, we will be releasing a number of free original tunes with accompanying audio recordings for you to add to your collection.

This particular tune, Fiona's Obsession was written for Fiona Brown's birthday. The name 'Fiona's Obsession' came about because of her obsession with Jigs (and some other things!)

Fiona's Obsession was played by St Andrew's Pipe Band in the competition Medley, including the performance at the 2014 Australian Pipe Band Championships. The jig set included The Haitian Sensation, Fiona's Obsession, and the Bungee Jumper. For the medley, the repeat of the second part was arranged with a long low a in bar 7 with a counterpoint harmony of the ending phrase of the bungee jumper, before the melody leaps into the next tune.

An audio recording of the tune can be heard and downloaded for free here.

Click the image below to download a PDF of the sheet music.

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